Getting cheap airfares to Manila

Get cheap airfares to Manila and save. Cheap flights to Manila in going to the Philippines mean extra money to spend for your vacation. Being an OFW or Overseas Filipino does not mean you have to avoid cheap flights to the Philippines.

The cost of air tickets depends on how passengers got the tickets.

Airline consolidators buy tickets in bulk at wholesale prices and resell tickets cheaper than those obtained from airlines.

This is good for passengers like you and me.

There are other factors that affect cost of airline tickets - the time difference between booking and actual flight, the airlines, the number of adult and child passengers, the class of your seat, and so on.

We can use these factors for... 

Some tips to get cheap airfares to Manila

Tip # 1: Check for airline specials

Airlines offer promos from time to time to attract more people to travel. Discounts are offered even during peak seasons. Check with your airlines through their web sites or by calling them. Airlines also give discounts for early bookings of at least three weeks in advance. 

Tip # 2: Avoid Monday and Friday flights

Business people often fly on these days, making airfares more costly. Fly in the middle of the week or get red-eye flights. These are late evening or early morning flights. Check Saturday flights, too. And try to get a flight that does not arrive especially in Manila during rush hours to avoid heavy traffic.

Tip # 3: Split your flights

People don't like stopovers, but you can get cheap flights to Manila by splitting your flights. Two or three stops are cheaper than flying direct routes. If you will come from an area with several airports, try departing from other airports also.

Several budget airlines service Clark International Airport in Angeles, Pampanga as an alternative to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Manila Airport. The cost of tickets may be cheaper but the savings must worth the trade off – waiting time, service, comfort, etc. 

Tip # 4: Compare cheap airfares to Manila

The Internet provides the quickest and easiest way to get cheap flights to Manila. Use this tool to check and compare all airline published fares, special "web only" fares, and negotiated rates with major airlines to find the cheapest flights.

You can also check these web sites and see if you can find cheap flights to the Philippines:


But be careful of hidden costs and read the terms and conditions when getting online tickets. 

Whether you are coming for a vacation or coming home for good, getting cheap airfares to Manila will save you some money to spend for your stay in the Philippines.

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