How to buy houses in the Philippines
flood-free and safe

Location is a prime factor in buying real estate and houses in the Philippines. And the rainy season shows the real value of a place. Extreme weather in the Philippines can flood areas in a matter of hours. Strong typhoons bring flash floods and landslides.

Typhoons ‘Ondoy’ (Ketsana) and ‘Pepeng’ (Parma) did just that. Metro Manila and nearby areas and Northern Luzon suffered the most. Too much water from rain and dams submerged many areas for hours and days. Some areas will remain under water for months!

Due diligence will help Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs and Filipino immigrants get that piece of property for sale in the Philippines. Part of your work to find your dream home is done because I compiled some... 

Tips in buying safe and flood-free houses in the Philippines

1. Avoid areas near esteros or creeks and river banks as they are likely flood-prone areas. Ask people around about flood history of the place. You can design your house to counter future floods should you decide to buy in the flood-prone area.

2. Check the drainage or flood control system in the area. Ask the realtor or developer about this especially if you are looking at houses in low-lying areas or near river banks. This is not like access, design and ambiance that you can readily see. What you do not see can deceive you.

3. Look for soil erosion and poor sewerage and drainage system in the area during the rainy season. Assess the area’s traffic situation and look for mud on the roads which would affect access to and from the area. Rains will reveal whether the soil is loose and prone to landslides.

4. Don’t forget the Cherry Hills tragedy in Antipolo when seeking higher grounds. Higher and hilly sites do not ensure safety. These are more likely to erode without enough trees, barriers and drainage system during a strong downpour.

5. Get important details about the property. Development and build of houses in the Philippines must be based on soil study or fault line in or near the area. Active volcanoes can trigger seismic tremors and earthquakes.

6. Expect the value of real estate in low-lying and flood-prone areas such as Pasig, Marikina and Cainta to drop after the heavy flooding by typhoons ‘Ondoy’ and ‘Pepeng’. This means more chances to look for bargain deals in those areas. Barely affected nearby cities and towns will get a boost.

7. Think about buying condo units because high rise buildings are safer to flooding. More people will switch to condos in Metro Manila and nearby areas as a result of typhoon ‘Ondoy’. You live right in prime spots within the city with other people.

Extreme weather in the Philippines can bring typhoons that submerge low-lying and flood-prone areas. With due diligence and handy tips, this will help OFWs and Filipino immigrants buy their dream houses in the Philippines – at a bargain. 

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