Internet Cafe Business Plan
For OFWs and Overseas Filipinos

This internet cafe business plan in the Philippines sets up an internet cafe business right. It is not just setting up the business but gives an expert advice. The system can give you a fair share of the market, and more. 

Setting up an i-cafe business should not bother you. Getting an expert advice helps, even if you think you know what you are doing.

After all, a thriving business is what you need as an OFW or Overseas Filipino.

Knowing nothing about this business should not worry you either. How the plan works impressed me that I believe failure is not an option.

You only have to follow its system. You can even manage your business from abroad!

An internet cafe business plan that works

It starts with the site. The site plays a key role in an internet cafe. Information on a site is based on certain guidelines. A middle class community is good. Most people here have money to spend in an i-cafe.

Choose a site with easy access and parking space. Those with cars are good patrons. Assemble a team to evaluate your proposed site, including if a DSL line exists. Inquire from Globe or Smart if WiFi broadband package is available in the area. Checks other i-cafes around and their internet cafe products.

The market, specs of computers and sites of other cafes figure out the degree of competition. It is likely that there is little or no competition at all based on these factors. The team should complete the internet cafe business plan to... 

Capture the target market

Joel, who shared to me this internet cafe business plan, and his sister Vida opened a branch in Pasig City. The shop is in the second floor of a building. It does not open 24 hours a day because of a local ordinance. The shop started with 26 units.

The first 2-3 weeks made 2,500-3,000 Pesos a day - the breakeven sales. Vida was impatient because Joel told her it could be more. She was calling him to ask why sales had not increased. But Joel pointed out that she did not implement the plan after opening.

Finally, she agreed to hold post-opening activities as proposed. They offered bonus hours to users for a few days, gave discount cards to lure them back. They waited for users to switch to their internet cafe business.

True enough, their sales stabilized to 7,000-8,000 Pesos a day 1 1/2 months after opening!

Staffing your internet cafe business

Hiring the right person is a key. Get someone to hire staff for you. Even if you have someone in mind, the person has to pass certain standards. The internet cafe business plan requires this. And this is good for your business.

If you get a franchise, the franchise prepares the staff to run the business with less supervision. Addressing users' needs, analyzing expenses and sales and raising sales are part of the training. The staff remits sales to you or your bank account daily.

There should be a system that lets you check remittance against daily sales. This even allows you to manage the business while you are abroad! Look also for a franchise that uses the best internet cafe software based on budget to lessen your burden.

Someone should check to ensure that the business conforms to the plan. Look if a franchise has roving supervisors taking care of this as part of the package. You then request a copy of the report to see the progress of your business. Read this article for more information on setting up an internet cafe business in the Philippines.

Learn from the lessons of an internet cafe business failure here. 

This business has a huge potential. A business plan that works is all you need. This is good for OFWs or other Filipinos even while abroad. Setting aside a reasonable amount, this internet cafe business plan helps set up your business right.

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