Matabungkay Batangas:
Where to stay and how to go there

Finding a place to stay in Matabungkay Batangas was not a walk in the park. First, Holy Week was just a week away when Filipinos prefer going to beaches in the Philippines. Second, the place must be within budget. And third, there should be easy access to public transport.

Matabungkay Batangas offers fun and exciting activities with its clear waters and white creamy sand.

We stayed at La Primavera Beach Resort almost at the north-end of the 2-km stretch of sand.

The resort is great for families or groups because of the swimming pool, big rooms, picnic tables and large compound.

It is beachfront and close to the center of the 2-km white sand stretch with Wi-Fi.

We got a room good for 4-6 persons and within budget. We ended up getting two extra mattresses since we were 10, 11 including Nika. We squeezed every space came sleeping time. You cannot do that in resorts with limit on the number of persons in a room or cottage. Besides, there's much more to do and see when you're in Matabungkay.

The resort caters to budget-conscious holiday goers. It has the basic facilities and you have to bring your own things - towel, soap, drinking materials and the like. The grilling and cooking area uses your own cooking materials and utensils. Otherwise, you can use the resort's utensils or the resort can cook the food for you for extra fee. There is no corkage fee for food brought in.

You don't have to go outside to look for water activities. The resort offers pedal boating, fishing, jet skiing, banana boating, snorkeling, island hopping and more.

The rates are fixed but it does not hurt to bargain in Matabungkay Batangas or anywhere else.

A place to stay determines where you spend your summer or holiday vacation. We chose La Primavera because its rates are reasonable. You may contact the resort at +63 916 625 5081.

Otherwise, you can always find a place when you're already there. Ask around and people will point you to vacant rooms, houses or cottages.

How to go to Matabungkay Batangas

The internet does not give much information on public buses going to Matabungkay. We took Celyrosa Express Bus in going there. It was the only bus company that we found passing by the place. Its terminal in Pasay is across Mahal Kita Inn a few meters away from Pasay Rotunda. Just follow the LRT route going to Baclaran. The terminal is on the left side of the road.

Others in the group were already on the non-aircon bus when we got there. We asked for the air-con bus. "It left at 4am," replied the bus people. Since we had many bags and luggage, we had to take this one. The last bus left one hour earlier at 6:15am.

There were less than 20 passengers when we left the station. The bus picked up more passengers along the way. There were no more seats left upon reaching Dasmarinas, Cavite. More people were riding on the non-aircon bus for short distances, lengthening the travel time in the process. When we reached Matabungkay, we were back to less than 20, after 5 hours!

We took an air-con bus going back to Manila. There are air-con buses after all. It was not Celyrosa anymore. I forgot the name of the bus but the conductor said its terminal is right beside the Pasay-Taft LRT station. I'm sure you will find more air-con buses in that area. Travel time: 3 1/2 hours.

Your budget decides where to stay in and how to go to one of the white creamy sand beaches in the Philippines. If you're a budget-conscious Filipino local or overseas worker, Matabungkay Batangas beach may be among the best family vacation spots.

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