How to earn quick money in real estate expo

This expo shows how to earn quick money in real estate. This is good for Overseas Filipino Workers or immigrants. You will learn how to earn great money for your family while being abroad. Better yet, attend this with a family member or two so they will learn good ways to invest money.

To be held on 2-3 July 2010 at RCBC Plaza, Makati City, this is one of the BIGGEST wealth and income building events in the Philippines. It shows you...

  • Quick profits in foreclosures
  • Fast fortune in flipping properties
  • How to get rich through rental properties
  • How to build wealth as a property developer

Don’t be discouraged by not having money from going into real estate. These techniques teach people how to invest in real estate even with no money down! And being an OFW gives you a better chance to do better in real estate investing.

Learn how to earn quick money from real estate experts

An expert handles each topic. Noli Alleje, The Property Forum (TPF) founder, shows the way to quick profits in foreclosures. TPF is the Philippines’ first real estate search engine and auctions properties tailored to specific needs.

Trace Trajano discusses fast fortune in flipping properties. Trace is a Filipino US-based real estate investor with over $13Million properties acquired in the past 6 years. He is the author of the best-selling book Think Rich – Quick! He is a master of no money down and quick turn techniques.

Eden April Alemania-Dayrit is a rent-to-own expert. She shares how to get rich through rental properties. Eden builds her passive income through rent to own houses and condos and acquires properties with OPM or Other People’s Money.

How to build wealth as a property developer is still subject to change, but I’m sure the topic and resource person will be as great just in case.

Or are you looking for other smart ways to invest money? If you are thinking of not becoming a real estate investor, this expo shows you...

How to earn quick money in other opportunities

The event looks at Sales for immediate income opportunities. Certified eBay instructor and power seller Eireen Diokno-Bernardo illustrates how to become an ebay power seller.

Other equally great topics on sales include:

  • Secrets of sales superstars
  • Make millions in direct sales
  • Starting your own successful brokerage

On how to earn quick money on Investing:

  • chief executive Conrado Bate shows the secrets of picking winning stocks
  • Global Investor’s Center’s Malaya Laraya explains how to beat the market with foreign stocks and funds
  • Superfund Financial Hong Kong Ltd. manager Joseph Wong talks about boosting your portfolio with alternative investments
  • Double your money with investment funds completes this topic

On high income business opportunities in the Philippines for OFWs and Filipino immigrants:

  • Francorp executive and Philippine Franchise Association head Bing Limjoco talks about making money in franchising
  • PestBusters (Singapore) founder and “Secrets to Dominate Your Niche” best-selling co-author Thomas Fernandez tell of riches in niches
  • Other business opportunities topics include Infopreneurship 101: Profit from what you know and Building a million peso home-based business

Now the most exciting part...

How much will you pay for these to learn how to earn quick money?

How much will you pay to learn passive income opportunities so you will earn millions every year? This is not about how to earn money quickly or how to make money quickly. You have to work at it. So this is NOT FREE as becoming as an Overseas Filipino Worker is not free.

Don’t despair. Huge discounts await early birds for a FEW slots. Choose your budget, and don’t forget to buy a ticket or two for family members to go with you. (You need Paypal or credit card to pay. Link no longer working.)

The 2-Day Access pays for a two-day access to the expo with afternoon snacks.

The VIP Access gives you 2-Day Access plus:

  • priority and reserved seating at the event
  • lunch and afternoon snacks
  • certificate of attendance
  • a free two-hour consultation with a Registered Financial Planner
  • free workbook, books and other freebies

Use this form after purchase so we can contact you on sending your proof of payment to us.

You do not have Paypal or credit card? You can also pay through bank. Use this form so we can send you the bank account details. Form no longer available.

This special price is valid for a few readers of Overseas-Filipinos.Com only. The price increases once the seats are taken. This expo on how to earn quick money in real estate and other business opportunities in the Philippines comes only once.

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