Send money online with credit card
to the Philippines

Send money online with credit card and send money via internet in the comfort of your home or office. You can make foreign money transfers to the Philippines as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) or immigrant. You may find cheap money transfers.

Most online money transfer services require credit card. This gives you more option when doing money transfer from abroad.

You can choose the cheapest way to send money. Check also the speed, peso to dollar (PHP to USD) rate, ease of use and security.

You must know when your OFW remittances will arrive. This is useful in emergency or planned expense.

The money can be in foreign or Filipino currency based on best foreign exchange rates. And sending and claiming money should not be a hassle.

So where to send money online with credit card?

Most money transfer sites offer this service when sending money to the Philippines. And this page saves you time. You will get an idea on how these sites work. Below are some services where you can transfer money from credit card.

Xoom. This service lets you send money fast, in minutes. You can select cash pick up, bank deposit or home delivery as a transfer method. The tracking number lets you know when the money is ready. Funding your money transfer with your US bank account is cheaper. Read more about Xoom money transfer here.

Western Union. Transfer money from credit card from certain countries. Western Union history of 150 years makes it a leader in global money transfer business. Rates are not cheap but it makes fast money transfer, in minutes. The more than 6,300 agents in the Philippines make pick up a breeze. Read about Western Union Philippines here.

iKobo. iKobo sends a Visa® Prepaid Card to your recipient. Once they receive the card, you can make fast transfer money to the Philippines within seconds. But first transfer may take 3-5 days. Money transfer charges are lower but there are monthly, ATM withdrawal and declined ATM withdrawal fees.

Your recipient can use the Visa® Prepaid Card to withdraw cash at any Visa ATM, or make purchases wherever debit cards are accepted.

There are other money transfer sites out there. This list will grow as I check other services. You will have more options as I add more services based on ease of use, speed, security and value of your money.

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Then choose where to send money online with credit card to the Philippines with peace of mind...

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