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Issue #001 -- What's New!
January 05, 2011

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Overseas Filipinos

Issue #001, January 05, 2011

It is first week of 2011 and I hope you had wonderful holidays. If you came home for a vacation, I’m sure you enjoyed one or two things that you miss most about the Philippines. Christmas or vacation in the Philippines could never be perfect without those amazing things.

That’s for the holidays.

This first issue updates you on the new uploaded pages...

1) Facts about Kuwait
This country in the Middle East is small in land area but rich in oil reserves. It is the second top destination of OFW domestic workers after Hong Kong. Skilled workers are on the rise. The review of the restrictive Kafeel or sponsorship system is a good sign.
Please click here to read Facts About Kuwait For OFWs.

2) Facts about Taiwan
OFWs and other foreign workers keep factories in Taiwan’s electronics, capital and technology intensive industries running. Live in caregivers are treated as domestic workers but a change in the law will hopefully end this. High placement fee makes life harder for OFWs. A proposed law rewarding people catching runaway migrants and turning them in will make things worse for migrant workers.
Please click here to read Facts About Taiwan For OFWs.

3) Facts about South Korea
The EPS or Employment Permit System hires OFWs and foreign workers to work in Korean factories. This is a government to government effort with no placement fee but workers shoulder all other fees involved.
Please click here to read Facts About South Korea For OFWs.

4) 10 Don’ts to Avoid Illegal Recruitment
Job prospects abroad remain bright as foreign employers prefer OFWs to other foreign migrant workers. This raises the chances of illegal recruitment. Unscrupulous persons and agencies deceive OFWs thorugh every means possible.
Please click here to read 10 Don’ts To Avoid Illegal Recruitment for OFWs.

That’s it for now. Next issue you will receive updates on the preparations for going abroad.

Start the New Year right,

Dom Tuvera

P.S. I’m in the process of changing the website’s look and feel so please bear with the different appearances of some of the pages.

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