Condominiums in Manila: Bargain rent to own units in Cubao, Quezon City

These rent to own condominiums in Manila are good for OFWs, Filipino immigrants and their families. The rent to own scheme allows you to get a piece of pricey houses in Manila. And Cubao, Quezon City is a prime spot for easier access to the comforts of city living...

Araneta Center in Cubao has Gateway Mall, SM, Ali Mall, Plaza Fair, Rustan's and Shopwise. Araneta Coliseum, often called the Big Dome, is the favorite venue of concerts and shows.

It is also home to call centers APAC, Telus, and Stellar. In the outskirts of Araneta Center is Cubao Expo, an artists' colony and site of weekend flea markets.

Going around and out of Manila is a breeze. Around Araneta Center along EDSA are bus terminals. You can take a bus ride to almost any point in Luzon, and Samar, Leyte and Iloilo in the Visayas. MRT-3 and LRT-2, two of Manila's commuter train lines, intersect in Cubao.

Do you want to enjoy living in Manila? Own one of these pieces of Manila real estate!

Rent to own condominiums in Manila:
Studio Type - Sold in 3 weeks!

This condo in Manila is in a high traffic area with great demand for rentals and buyers. It is ten-minute walk away from MRT Cubao Farmer’s Station.

Araneta Center and other places in Manila are within reach if your family lives in this property.

Floor Area: 28.79 sqm
Studio type converted into one bedroom unit 
4-storey building with 24-hr security and rental parking

With fair market value of P940,000 ($20,800), this unit must sell with the following payment schemes:

Option 1: Rent to own
Selling price - P897,000
Down payment - P299,000 
Monthly amortization for 5 years - P14,500 
Monthly amortization for 10 years - P9,700

Option 2: Bank/Pag-IBIG financing (or cash within 90 days)
Sample computation only
Selling price - P847,000 (P50,000 discount)
Down payment - P299,000 
Monthly amortization for 5 years - P13,100
Monthly amortization for 10 years - P8,900

Option 3: Cash - P797,000 (P100,000 discount)

These payment schemes let you choose which is the best for you and your family. You can own this condo unit right away or after a few years! Why look for apartments for rent in Manila with these options? 

Rent to own condominiums in Manila: 1BR - Sold in 1 week!

This condo unit for sale in New York Street is a block away from EDSA. It is 3 blocks away from Gateway Mall and LRT Cubao Station. It is near Ateneo, UP Diliman, PSBA, Stella Maris, St. Bridget and other schools in the area. This is ideal for your student children.

Floor Area: 24.7sqm
1 bedroom (BR) and 1 toilet and bath (TB)
Furnished with range hood, air-conditioner and cabinets
Bedroom with view of Araneta Center and Makati skyline
18-storey building with 24-hr security, rental parking and swimming pool

Worth P1.27 Million (US$28,000), this unit must sell for P1.15M ($25,400). With P200,000 ($4,400) down and P16,720.97 ($370) monthly rent, you can own this condo in Manila after 5 years! The higher the down payment, the lower the monthly pay.

For cash buyers, this Manila property is yours for P900,000 ($19,900).

Invest in these condominiums in Manila

These condo units can also be a good source of monthly cash flow. You can put the units for rent once you get hold of them. In that case you do not fully shoulder the monthly pay. Buy cash and you get extra money from the rent. Here’s how:

Current monthly rent for the one bedroom unit is P8,000. That will be P96,000 in a year. If you buy cash, you pocket all the rent. If you rent to own, you only need to shell out P8,720.97 a month and you own the unit after 5 years.

Monthly rent for the studio type unit is P10,000. In 12 months you have P120,000 extra if you buy cash. For rent to own scheme, you only need to add some amount to the rent from your tenant. And you own this condo in Manila after 5 or 10 years!

The above prices for these condominiums in Manila are a bargain compared with their fair market values. As OFWs and Filipinos immigrants you have an edge. But with these good deals, other buyers may beat you to it. (Dom's note: These units have been sold.)

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