Condominiums In Manila For Overseas Filipinos

Condominiums in Manila offer you and your family a home in the center of almost everything. Enjoy condo living fit for Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs or immigrants. Fully finished or furnished, pre-selling or pre-owned units await your discriminating taste. Your budget and purpose should guide you in taking your pick.

Prices of Manila real estate keep on rising because of the on-going developments in the metro. The value of land, buildings and other real estate properties increases with time.

So, either you are looking for a first or a second home, a condo unit is a good buy.

You cannot run out of condo choices since projects cater for every budget and need. Gone are the days where options limit you to enjoy a well-deserved lifestyle.

You can savor the comforts of city living with access to amenities, parks, business centers and other services.

Fully finished condominiums in Manila

These Manila condos are the true RFO or Ready for Occupancy units. They allow you to move in with no worries on the finishing. Some RFOs are a misnomer because they do not have ceilings, partition walls, bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets and other finishing touches. If real estate agents say the units are RFOs, ask or check what they mean.

Checking several condominium projects allowed me to understand the two terms. Some agents or developers use RFO in their flyers or ads to attract attention even when the units need finishing. Be careful with this because unfinished units require you to spend more.

On the other hand, fully finished condo units are livable without extra costs. Of course you need to allocate some amount for furniture and fixtures except when buying a furnished unit. Some projects are ready for moving in within a month or less.

Pre-selling Manila condos

These condominiums in Manila refer to condo projects that have yet to start or have just started. Turn over period is one year at least. Some projects with on-going construction deliver your unit in less than a year. This is crucial since you expect to use the unit after that time.

Buying a pre-sold unit entails little down and monthly payments. This scheme lets more OFWs and Filipino immigrants to afford condo living in Manila. Because of this, more condo projects focus on the Overseas Filipino market. You get to choose the unit with the best floor and best view if you find an off the beaten track project.

You will not see the finished unit after some time. So before closing the deal, it is wise to check model units. Model units will give you an idea on the type and quality of materials used for the finishing. Go for well-known developers to be safe, but not always guaranteed.

Pre-owned condominiums in Manila

Pre-owned units can save you money because they can sell below market value. Emergency, going abroad to migrate or debt forces unit owners to sell at a discount. You also help solve their problem by buying their property at the right time. Price is not an immediate concern as long as money comes by selling the unit. Ask real estate investors, brokers and agents.

Condo units foreclosed by banks also get you a low-priced home. Ask the bank's acquired assets department or the bank's website for the list of foreclosed properties. Inspect your chosen unit since these properties are sold "AS IS". Include cost of repair in deciding to buy the unit.

You can also buy a foreclosed unit from a real estate investor. The investor acquires the unit from the bank, fixes it then sells it to end-users like you. The sale could be outright or rent-to-own. In other cases, the investor just passes his right to acquire the unit to you.

Check this rent-to-own condo near Manila Airport.

Condo living in Manila allows people to live in prime spots within or near city centers. This trend will keep on going because of the various lifestyle choices. Being an OFW or a Filipino immigrant gives you an edge. Go through various condominiums in Manila and take your pick.

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