Filipino Diaspora Top Destinations

The Filipino diaspora is all over the world. Name a country and OFWs, immigrants and TNTs ("tago ng tago" or always hiding) will show up. You find them in countries with names that start from A to Z, from Angola to Zimbabwe.

An OFW in Angola
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These top destinations are based on the 2008 Stock Estimate of Overseas Filipinos. The data came from POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration). It is also available from CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas). The data show how many Filipinos stay in each country.

You will find useful facts on the countries below. These facts will help you adjust or give you an idea about living and working abroad.

Filipino diaspora top 5 destinations

1. United States of America (USA)

After World War II, the US allowed Filipinos who served in the US Armed Forces to migrate with their dependents. Later on, demand for nurses, teachers and other professionals and the chance to become US citizens fuel the desire to work and migrate here. 

2. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

The oil-based Saudi Arabia attracts Overseas Filipino Workers, skilled or unskilled. Islam governs the way of life, including dress codes for women. Saudi Arabian food serves no pork but there are great choices. 

3. Canada

Canada is getting to be the Filipino migrants' choice. Canada's more open policy to skilled workers, subsidized schools and health care are drawing them. The reduced point migration system allows more people to qualify. 

4. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Oil and natural gas fuel UAE's non-oil sectors such as tourism, construction, IT and health care. The perceived ease of landing jobs force many Filipinos to go there as tourists. But this is not always true. 

5. Australia

With Canada and Australia on the list, more Filipinos are going to countries that allow foreign workers to become their citizens. Of course the US is first in this. Is this a planned outcome of the Filipino diaspora? 

More Filipino diaspora top destinations

6. Malaysia - OFWs are mostly domestic, construction, fisheries workers. 

7. Japan - Ageing population opens up to nurses, other workers.

8. Qatar - Jobs in the oil and gas, construction and health sectors.

9. United Kingdom - Health sector and residency attract Filipinos.

10. Singapore - Turf of domestic workers, now accepts skilled workers. Read about changes in hiring foreign workers in Singapore.

11. Hong Kong - OFWs belong to a strong migrant workers union.

12. Kuwait - Mostly household workers, nurses and IT workers rising.

13. Italy - No longer "lenient" to foreign workers.

14. Taiwan - Factory workers, caregivers and other sectors. 

15. South Korea - Hosts factory workers, entertainers and Filipino spouses of Koreans.

That covers the top destinations. And the proof that the Filipino diaspora is all over the world is you. I'd like now to hear your story about where you live and work.

Share about your Filipino diaspora destination

You are part of the diaspora living or working abroad. Share about your destination – how did you go there, what’s your work, or anything that you like about the place. Or the story could be about the destination of a family member or a friend.

Your Filipino diaspora destination

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