Filipino To Look For A Job In Italy

by Sisi Vela

I’m planning to visit Italy by summer season. I'm holding a residence permit here in Qatar and have been working here for almost 5 years as admin staff. I have almost a year in customer service experience too in the Philippines.

I’m trying to look for any prospective Italian employer for somehow I will be able to stay and work for long. Just in case, is there any chances for me to visit and look for a job and have work permit when I get there?

Dom’s reply: Italy is a great place to visit. If you plan to work during your stay, it is good to start looking for work now before going there. Having a good contact or network helps as always. You can ask your contacts about possible work and the kind of work you are looking for. This gives you more options whether to leave Qatar.

Looking for a job in Italy when you are already there may not give you enough time for the duration of your Italian visa. It is a challenge for Filipinos to find jobs in Italy since it prioritizes its own citizens or other Europeans for available jobs. Most jobs for Filipinos and other foreign workers are those jobs that are not taken by locals.

Non-EU (European Union) citizens should get a permesso di lavoro (work permit) before working, but obtaining one can be time-consuming. The employers then file a petition for their workers’ stay for immigration purposes. Short-term work in bars, hostels, on farms and babysitting are the most easily secured jobs.

Hope this helps.

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