Rent To Own Condo In Manila (Cubao)

by Rackel
(Tondo, Manila)

When can we move in to this condo in Manila once the papers are approved? What are the requirements? Thanks.

Dom's Reply: You can move in within two weeks from making payment. Some requirements could be: full payment for cash, capacity to pay or certificate of employment for bank/Pag-IBIG financing and post dated checks for rent to own.

Please choose your payment option so we can give more details.

Thanks for asking.

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Payment scheme
by: rackel

I prefer in-house financing. Do you have one? If you have, how long will I pay? 5 ,7 ,10 years? Thanks, Rackel

Dom's Reply: We do not have in-house financing. What we have is rent to own where you only make the down payment and pay the monthly rent of this condo in Cubao. The unit is yours after a few years depending on how long or short you want to pay the monthly pay for this condo in Manila.

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