Rent To Own Condominiums In Manila

by Ralph Q. Pedrozo
(Saudi Arabia)

This is a big opportunity for me to own one of these condominiums in Manila. I'm an OFW and I’m going home this second week of April. I'm very eager to own a condominium unit like one of these.

Every time that I have to facilitate documents in Manila it’s hard for me because I don’t have a house there where I can stay. Every time I stay at apartelle I pay much more because sometimes I need to stay for 1 week.

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Comment on rent to own condominiums in Manila
by: Dom Tuvera

Rent to own condo in Manila may be the answer to your concern. Getting a condo unit now is cheaper in the long. Your family can use the unit when you are back abroad.

But good deals always sell fast. The one bedroom condo unit was sold today after just 8 days being on sale. That leaves us now with the studio type as the remaining bargain condo for sale here.

Update: The studio-type unit is no longer available.

The figures in the sample calculations may vary. The bigger your down payment, the lesser your monthly pay.

We cannot guarantee that this unit will still be available when you come home. The first to pay a certain amount of earnest money gets the right to buy this unit.

Thanks for sharing, Ralph!

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