Top Overseas Filipino Worker Tips and Information

Top Overseas Filipino Worker Tips and Information

As an overseas Filipino worker, you may already have some great plans for what you want to accomplish with your employment abroad. Here are some top tips and information to keep your expectations realistic, help your family the most at home, and help get your money working for you.

1.  Save Money

While this may seem like an obvious tip, but many people find that when they make more money, they just spend more. Since you will find that you are making much more money than you previously made back home, be careful not to just spend more. The goal is to take care of your family and help your money stretch for the sacrifices that you are making.

2.  Learn a New Skill

If you have time that you are not working, invest your time in improving your skills by taking classes or learning a new trade that can either help you to make more money abroad or to be able to put to work to better your life someday when you return home to the Philippines.

3. Send Money Home with a Plan

Just as it is easy for you to over-spend when you see money coming in, make sure that the money you send home does not get spent frivolously there either. Develop a plan with the loved ones you send money home to. Everyone needs to make sure that the money stretches as far as it can.

4.  Make Investments

First invest in a retirement plan and life insurance to better protect your family’s future. If you are business-minded, you may want to consider business opportunities to start a thriving business back in your home town. This way you can return in a few years from working abroad and have a business that helps you earn good money without leaving the country or people who you love.

5. Set Short and Long-Term Goals

By setting specific goals for both the short and long-term goals, it makes the work you are doing more meaningful and helps you and your family know what you are working for. Do you want to own a house? Do you want to retire to a business at home? By keeping your goals in mind, everyone will see how all your hard work is paying off and leading to a brighter future for the whole family.

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