A Whisper of Faith for Overseas Filipino Workers

by Kathy

My attention is caught by an OFW-related fact - theirs is such an INTRICATE LIFE.

One leaves his homeland, family, comfort zone to tackle the fogged opportunity abroad. He tackles loneliness with a brave heart for every missed momentous family event, for every second sickness takes over physical strength. He willingly exposes himself to great risks when opportunities start to dwindle. And he consciously and blindly gambles his hard-earned money in the hands of other people just to deliver the promise of a better life to the reason of his sacrifice - his family.

For an OFW, hunger means loneliness. Sacrifice means love. Risk means "a way of living."

I end this with a silent prayer, that they be protected from harm, surrounded with good people, and graced with a hopeful heart...

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