Available Jobs Abroad For Filipinos

by Kristinn Maree

I am wondering if you have a page in here where we can see the available job listings abroad for Filipinos. I am interested to work outside the Philippines, however I still do not have any work experience.

Is it really a plus if you have a working experience before you can get hired abroad? I know a few friends of mine who were able to go out of the country and work in Singapore and Dubai without any work experiences. I wonder if you do have any knowledge about this.

Thank you.

Dom's repply: There is no listing of jobs abroad here but you can check this page on how to look for jobs at the POEA website. The article describes the steps on how to find your dream job abroad.

It helps if you have work experience on the job you want to apply for. But having no experience should not prevent you from applying for jobs. Just be sure that you have the education or training required for the job.

Thanks for dropping by.

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