Best Places to Visit in the Philippines: Dumaguete City

by Gem Scorp

As a stranger in a foreign land, visiting a "safe" place is a priority and Dumaguete City offers safety to every stranger. This is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

Known before as a "city of gentle people" Dumaguete offers nothing but friendly folks who would assist you in your needs. Residents of this island speak fluently in English, which is another good reason to visit the place.

On my first night to foot on the island, I had no "peso" bill but I was brave enough to ride on their "multicab" from Amlan, 30 minutes away from the city, to the bus station of Dumaguete. I was honest enough to tell the driver that I don't have a peso bill and yet the driver was a gentle man who said in his own humble words, "Don't worry, Sir. You're our guest here."

Affordable hotels nest around the city. ATM machines are open 24/7 and most bars and other stores like McDonalds, Starbucks, Bo's, Dunkin Donuts and more are open as well. It is a simple city that would make you stay.

I don't know how to put it in words but Dumaguete is a city yet a virgin island - a combination of urban and rural life in one.

Education is higlighted in this city where you can see at least five big universities that offer courses like medical, law, engineering, aviation, and other courses that are mostly found in big cities.

As a man, a beautiful woman is a gaze in my eyes and Dumaguete is a complete package. This is the only city I traveled in my life where I met real beautiful women from inside out.

If you are a nature lover then Dumaguete is a perfect place for you as well. White, black, orange and other sand colors you like for a beach, Dumaguete has it all. From mountain heights to shore Dumaguete can give you a great deal for life. Casaroro Falls for example, Twin Lake, Balanan Lake, Giligaon Falls, and so much more.

And most of all, I challenge you. The moment you visit Dumaguete you will fall in love not only with the city but also to great women, as I do with the woman with me right now.

Dumaguete City - truly one of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

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