Filipina needs help to get police clearance in Dubai, UAE

by Liza Ponte
(Miaoli, Taiwan)

I'm a Filipina and I worked in Dubai, UAE as a housemaid. I had a residence visa sponsored by my employer, a UAE national. I had a two- year contract. I worked for only one year with my employer (sponsor) from June 2005 to June 2006 as I went home on June 3, 2006 to the Philippines due to my father’s death. I planned to go back and finish my contract.

Due to some family problems, I needed to stay to take care of my mother. I was not able to go back to Dubai. I called up my employer right away that I could not go back. My residence visa was not cancelled as I did not send it to my employer as he didn’t ask me to send it. Now, this month March 2011, I applied for a police clearance certificate in the Dubai Police Headquarters and the police officer told my friend who applied on my behalf that I had a problem in Dubai Immigration in Karama.

Can you help me check what my case in the Dubai Immigration in Karama is? Could my sponsor file a case against me when I didn’t go back to Dubai and was outside UAE? Do I need to send my original passport for cancellation of my residence visa in Dubai even if it has already expired? Was I blacklisted in Dubai Immigration that’s why the police did not issue me a police clearance certificate? How much is the penalty and fine to settle my problems in Dubai Immigration? I need a police certificate in Dubai for my immigration to Canada.

I always call up my sponsor to settle my problem in Dubai Immigration but my employer doesn't answer me. I also sent him an email requesting him to lift the ban so that when the police check again my status they can issue me police certificate but my sponsor has not replied. Can I have my residence visa canceled here in Philippines in the UAE Consulate? Or can I have it canceled directly in Dubai Immigration if I send my original passport to one of my friends in Dubai?

Please help me.

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I need to get police clearance also from UAE
by: sally

How can I get police clearance in UAE? What is the requirement? I lived for 7 months in Dubai because I got an emergency problem with my family.

My boss gave me 15 days to stay in the Philippines but I did not go back to Dubai because my father got an emergency so they needed me. I sent a resignation letter to my boss.

Filipina Banned in Dubai
by: Anonymous

Filipinos may be banned in Dubai for 2 reasons. (1) If you stay out of Dubai over 6 months without informing your sponsor, your resident permit will cancel automatically and there will be absconding. (2) Your sponsor may cancel your resident permit in order to avoid problem with the labor department and to get his deposit and his visa quota back. In order to settle this you must approach your sponsor and only he can go through immigration and remove your ban.

Why not try to get a new passport without your residence permit on Dubai? In that way immigration in Canada will not ask you to provide any clearance. But if you already applied with your old passport, you cannot do that now.



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