Filipina wants to divorce Japanese husband

by Jasmine
(Saitama Ken, Japan)

I am a Filipina who first came as a talent here in Japan. I ran away and overstayed here for 5 years. Then I met my future Japanese husband. We are married for 1 and a half years now. We were good together at first. Because I was overstaying here, I needed to stop working to wait for my visa.

Because of financial problems, we always have fights and arguments. He never gives me money, and little support to my family in the Philippines. I sacrifice because I want our relationship to work, but we always end up in an argument. A little discussion always ends up in a fight. We’re incompatible in many things.

He never talks to me, as if I’m a stranger inside our house. He acts weird and he talks to himself. I just think he’s Japanese and Japanese people are not that sweet. That’s why I understand. Because of our fights and arguments we also never have time for sex. That’s when I realized we can never work it out. I try to talk to him but he always insists xxx.

He acts strange but there is no third party. Maybe because of financial problems that’s why he’s getting cold to me. We talk but he does not listen to me. That’s why I want to divorce him, but I’m just worried because I haven’t received my visa yet. But I can’t stand him anymore.

I want to ask a lawyer about my case but I don’t have money to pay the lawyer. I’m scared. If I’m going to divorce him and the Japan immigration finds out that we’re divorced, will the immigration send me back to the Philippines? Can they do that because I overstayed here for 5 years?

Please help me. I’m confused.


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Filipina married to a Japanese abandoned for 3 years now

by Ces Tanaka

I am a Filipina married to a Japanese national. We have a child but my husband has not sent any financial support since I gave birth. I went to an NPO (non-profit organization) to help us go to Japan and look for my husband.

Fortunately, I had an interview at the Japan Embassy. But they had so many questions regarding my status. I told them everything. I lost contact with my husband when my child was 3 months old. They asked when my husband visited the Philippines. I said it was last November 2005.

They said it was impossible for me to get pregnant because my husband stayed for 6 days only. I explained to the Consul Officer that it was a personal choice as husband and wife if we wanted a child or not. I showed him several pictures and letters of my husband.

I don't know my visa status as of now. I am praying it will be granted. I was married to my husband in Japan after I got pregnant.

Japan is very strict with so many things. But many Japanese men are very irresponsible when it comes to raising their own families. My husband is one of them.

I hope that my story will help Filipinas who want to get married to Japanese nationals.

Dom's reply:I'm sure many Filipinas married to Japanese guys can relate to your story. Perhaps someone reading this page can help you and your son with your concern. Thanks again for sharing, Ces!

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Status of marriage papers
by: Anonymous

Ano ba ang pwede kong gawin para makagawa ng hakbang para malaman ko ang tunay na estado ng mga papeles ng aming kasal? (What would I do to know the status of our marriage papers?) I am married to a Japanese man but was not given a visa and abandoned for more than 5 years.

by: ri ann

Natakot naman ako. Boyfriend ko kasi Japanese. Nakakatakot naman kung isa sya sa mga iresponsable. (I was also scared. Because my boyfriend is Japanese. It is frightening if he is one of those irresponsible.)

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Help! Filipina married to a Japanese wants divorce

by Pye

I’m a Filipina married to a Japanese guy. I thought that my life would be happy. He promised a lot of things. Yes, he brought me to Japan but when I got there, there were many problems. He always hurt me when he was drunk. I was with him for 1 week. After that I went back to the Philippines because I could not take him anymore.

But because I was the bread winner, I had to make some money. I decided to go back to Japan but I never went back to him. I overstayed in Japan because I wanted to divorce him but he did not agree. Our marriage is almost 6 years now.

I’m back here in the Philippines but not divorced yet. I just want to ask if I can file an annulment of our marriage here in the Philippines. I hope someone can answer my question.

Thank you and God bless to all!

Dom's Reply: Pye confirmed that she and her Japanese husband got married in the Philippines in February 2005. Any advice may help other Filipinas married to Japanese in similar situations. Thanks for sharing, Pye.

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I don't know what to do. Please help me.
by: Anonymous

I'm a Filipina married to a Japanese national. We got married in Japan last October 2008 but it ended after 1 year. He never calls me anymore. I try to call him but he blocks me in his phone. Right now I don't know where is he. I want to divorce him.

Is it possible if I'm the one who asks for divorce even though I cannot contact him? I want to have a divorce so that I can have my own family. Please advise and help me.

Thanks a lot.

Filipina needs help
by: Anonymous

I'm a Filipina and married to a Japanese. We have 3 kids. I want a divorce without going back to the Philippine because my kids are in school and I don't have any savings. I want a divorce because I don't want to live with my in-laws because we are not OK and my husband doesn't do anything about it. Can anyone help me please?

Divorced Filipina wants to marry again
by: Anonymous

Please, could someone help me in my situation? I divorced a Japanese man, who was hurting me (DV, domestic violence), for almost 7 years since we got married together.

And I now want to remarry again, to a very nice guy, also Japanese. What should be the first thing we do? We`ve been there in the City Hall for the requirements needed. They asked for my annulment papers in the Philippines.

I can't be there in the Philippines right now, because of my children. They are young. For somebody who knows these matters, please I really want to know what to do.

A Filipina married with Japanese
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm a Filipina married with Japanese, our marriage held in the Philippines 2 years ago now. But we never got married in Japan. We're staying here in Canada as permanent residents.

I want to file a divorce. Is this possible? His attitude has changed since we came here. I can't take it. What should I do now? I hope you can help me for some advice. Thank you so much. God bless.

About divorce
by: Anonymous

I am divorced for almost 5 years now here in japan, but i haven't submitted my divorce papers in the Philippine embassy. I learned from a friend that they have new rules regarding this matters, please help. TIA

Really need an ADVISE!
by: Angie

I am married for 5 years now. I spent the first 3 years of our marriage in the Philippines. Mostly we fight over the phone. I thought that would change when I get to Japan, but sadly it didn't. He never hit me, but I am emotionally hurt.

I've been here in Japan for more than 2 years now. I have a Filipino child with me here in Japan. My husband didn't adopt her, which he promised me before. We have a 1 year old boy.

I am really tired of our relation. I have an ongoing permanent visa application. I want a divorce, but i want to stay here in Japan even after the divorce. IS IT POSSIBLE?...

by: Anonymous

It sounds like you've been through a nightmare. I hope it all ends for the best!

An English guy

divorce papers
by: october171986

I already passed the divorce papers. Do I need to send anything to the embassy? Do I need the certificate of no objection?

Filipina married to Japanese and abondoned for 5 years
by: Anonymous

I was married to a Japanese guy in 2006. But after the marriage we have not had a communication. I don't know where he is now. How can I get a visa for me to search for my husband? Please reply.

Requirements to annul marriage to a Japanese
by: Anonymous

I want to know the requirements in annulment of marriage in the Philippines. I'm married in the Philippines to my Japanese husband but he divorced me without my permission. I just want to know when I need to get konseki. I can't contact him. I want to get konseki to clear my name. What do I need to do?Please help me...

Filipina married to a Japanese wants divorce
by: Anonymous

I'm a Filipina married to a Japanese but sad to say the marriage did not work. I'm here in the Philippines for almost 12 years. I don't have communication with my husband. I want to get a divorce but I do not know where he is. What will I do? Thanks.

The problem of Ma. Annie Laurente
by: Anonymous

Yes, since you are a Filipino (Filipina), you can file a petition for anullment or nullity of marriage here in the Philippines.

We can refer you to our website xx.

Dom's Note: Links with a short introduction (some 300 words, original) about the person offering services and services offered will have a higher chance of being posted. Thanks!

Married in the Philippines
by: Anonymous

We are not married in Japan, only in the Philippines. Yes, I already filed a declaration of annulment of marriage but it's almost 2 years now. It's not yet finished. I'm so disappointed with the system of the Philippines. I just want to get my freedom.

More marriage information needed
by: Anonymous

You need to tell us more about how you got married to be able to answer those questions. Did you get married in the Philippines and Japan as well? Did you already try to find your husband by all means? Because you can file for divorce on the grounds of the person going missing if it is already that long.

As for the last question, you cannot marry until your divorce with your current husband is final.

Filipina married to a Japanese wants help, too!
by: Ma. Annie Laurente

I'm a Filipina married to a Japanese guy in Cebu. But after our marriage he left me. It's been 5 years now with no communication with him. I heard that our marriage here in Cebu was not updated in Japan.


1. How will our marriage be voided or annulled in the Philippines?

2. Is it legal even our marriage is not updated in Japan?

3. Can I go to Japan even my Japanese husband will not give entry visa?

4. Can I marry again even if our marriage is not yet void?

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