How to Help My Filipino Friend?

by Tracie
(Michigan )

I have a Filipino friend who has been in the States for 6 years and we became friends a year ago. I have noticed lately that he sounds home sick. He misses the Philippines, the food, his friends and family, etc. I was wondering how to help him a little. I can’t send him to visit and he can’t visit on his own. The closest Filipino community is about an hour away and he doesn't like driving our freeways.

I have a possibly odd question. Just wondering if I head to the local Asian grocery store with a food list if that might help or make things worse? I would even be willing to learn how to make a few of his favorite meals if I could get him out of funk he is in.

Basically that's my question. How to help without making it worse?

I do listen to him talk and I couldn't imagine being an ocean or so away from everyone. He does live with his mom and his brother is over here too so he isn't totally alone.

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Social immersion for your Filipino Friend
by: Anonymous

Your Filipino friend needs social contact often and long periods preferably on hobbies and the opposite sex. Loneliness is part of the problem and also meeting the girls is a solution. If he is very shy that's a problem in itself. He needs to be going to social events more often. Shy people are often introverted. Take him to dances and parties. Do not let him go by himself to social events.

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