Looking for a Filipina friend - Juanita Lumawag

I am searching for my dear Filipina friend, Juanita Lumawag, who is (was?) working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong. Juanita and I have been close friends since 1984. Recently, I've been unable to reach her via phone, letter or email and I have become concerned.

I am wondering if there is a directory or registry that can help me find Juanita in Hong Kong or even verify if she is still there.

Juanita is 45 years old and is a native of Maitum in Southern Mindanao.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Maraming Salamat,
A Friend

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Filipina GF Missing in Malaysia
by: RICO

I want to know the situation of my girlfriend Juliet Oclarit Salinay. She was working in Malaysia 5 months ago. Now I don't know anything about her. Pls pls pls. Thank you.

Dom'e reply: Could you tell us more information about your Filipina girlfriend? Where was she working in Malaysia? What was her work? You may also tell how she ended up there to help better understand her situation.

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