Looking for Filipino housemaid for Bulgaria

by Delan

I am writing to you with request. I am looking to hire Philippine house maid and take her abroad in Sofia, Bulgaria, EU.

Do you think you can help with this?

Please tell me if your agency provide such a service and if not, can you recommend a company which does? I will do my best to organise all documents with working permits for Bulgaria.

I am looking forward to hear from you.


Dear Delan,

Thank you for dropping by and your interest for hiring a Filipino domestic worker. You may check the list of Philippine recruitment agencies here and ask for assistance. I am sure they will be able to provide the support you need.

Best regards,


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Filipino housemaid for Bulgaria
by: Anonymous

I want to apply, I'm here at Bucharest working as house maid. I came here in 2015. My contract ends this May 2018. I'm interested in this job. Going to Bulgaria from Bucharest does not require visa.

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