OFW Books and Authors

by Tatay Jobo Elizes
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I am a retired Pinoy in USA, age 80, based in New York. I am always looking for writers and authors. I already published for about 10 OFW authors, based in Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

You can access "tatay jobo elizes" at amazon.com to see my booklist. I publish under the new system of Print-On-Demand (POD)or Book-On-Demand (BOD), which is thoroughly discussed in the internet. My listing platform is amazon.com. I offer publishing for free.

Recorded words of authors become the mirrors of the times, and then in later years, as mirrors of history. Most specially when such words come out from famous persons in society, or from recognized writers and storytellers. But less known writers contribute to history too.

Most writers have only few articles and not enough to fill a book. The idea of collecting writings hit me. I myself have few materials. I collect short articles also for my Writings Book Series. Your ability to publish is solved in a nutshell. This can only be done with POD or Print On Demand, the new style in publishing. Under POD, this book will never be out-of-print for posterity. It’s the best legacy to future generations. Your name as contributing author is easily searchable. The book where your article appears remain listed forever and available online. No other system of publishing can do that. Authors can also publish solo books under my publishing system.

Why put writings in a book? And not just in the internet? It’s all a matter of choice. Convenience is the name of the game. The book will always be there among your book collections or in libraries. Not everybody use the internet. I’m sure you, as an author, need wide readership. Internet access has its technical problems. One must have computers and electronic gadgets to access and read. Not so with books. I still believe that a book is the best repository of writings.

I just learned in my retired years that I have to find something that I really care about. Publishing is one and giving piglets is two. With little royalty from books, it helps a little to accomplish my goals. When authors consented to lend me their articles, and when book lovers buy my titles, in effect they are helping my cause unknowingly.

I hope you get something or get a sense of history and events occurring before your very eyes by reading my books, and also publishing your own books.

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