Pinoy Abroad Misses Home and Family

by Jing-Jing
(Damascus, Syria)

I miss the cold, running clear water in the river. Every afternoon, I loved to visit the river bank and dip my feet inside. Oh good gracious! While writing this, I feel like I'm really there playing in the water with my two sisters.

I cry each night for being away from my family especially during birthdays, Christmas, and New Year. We do celebrate Christmas and New Year here with co-workers and friends but there's something missing. How I wish that I would celebrate those joyous moments with my family.

And of course I miss the Ilocano recipe all time favorite "dinengdeng"!

I've been here in the Middle East for six years. I should have been home long time ago but through some unexpected circumstances, I can't go home just yet. I'm hoping to be home next year if God permits.

When I was in Singapore, two of my siblings got married. While I'm here in the Middle East, another two got married. I was frustrated that I couldn't attend to at least share their happiness. And now I don't have a wedding to witness. They are all married now. Although I call every time, still I feel empty inside.

Midnight Solitaire

Dom’s Reply: Pinoys abroad could be nostalgic. You long for the things, places or persons you love in the Philippines. And that’s the price to pay for working overseas. I admire your courage to be away from your family on special occasions, Jing-Jing or Midnight Solitaire.

P.S. I also love “dinengdeng”!

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