Tips For A Good Resume
For Overseas Filipino Workers

Your resume makes or breaks your chance for an interview. Using some tips for a good resume helps you stand out as you apply to be an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW. What makes a good resume depends on how you present yourself in that piece of paper.

I had screened several hundred resumes before in my previous job. I'd say your resume should impress the reader within the first 30 seconds.

If it hurdles that, you can expect that the employer spends shorter time scanning your resume. You cannot blame him or her. The employer has to look at many resumes.

Ensure that the top half of your resume stands out. Bring your career objective right up front. A good resume objective gives a brief summary of your profile and how it relates to the job position at hand.

An example could be "To obtain a nursing job where I can make the most of my nursing education and training in taking care of patients".

You can replace the resume objective with a career summary if your job experience exceeds five years. Show some highlights in your career in bullet points or a short paragraph 3-5 lines long. It is best to include career achievements if any.

More tips for a good resume

1. Keep your resume updated

There is no substitute for an updated resume. Missing out your latest job experiences may be taken as withholding information. Worse, your resume may be considered as false. You can exclude those that are not needed by the job you are applying for.

2. Be concise, clear and to the point

One page is enough, two pages max. Put your latest jobs with responsibilities, education and training and related skills on that page or two. Remember, you only have 30 seconds to show that you are the right person for the job. You have the chance to share all other things during the interview. But get that interview first.

3. Use words the employer understands

Put yourself on the shoes of the employer. Using industry jargon shows that you know the business of the employer. But do not make it hard for the agency to read your resume. Make it readable for both the agency and the employer.

4. Use bullet points for clarity

Long paragraphs are harder to read and hide purpose of your resume - to stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Use bullet points in your qualifications, job responsibilities and achievements, education and other main entries to persuade the employer to read on.

Among the tips for a good resume on this page, the use of bullet points puts your resume forward.

5. Power up with resume action words and keywords

Action words keep you in-charge of the act. Passive voice in your resume is a no-no. Combine positive action words with keywords to create your resume and grab attention. Keywords tell the employer that you fit the job description.

6. Proofread for errors

Do not rely on the spell and grammar check of your computer. Read it twice or more. Or have someone read it for you for typo and grammatical errors. Are the verbs in past tense, for example? Errors, glaring errors, reduce your chances.

I don't want to bombard you with more tips so I stop here. Again, the resume should put you in front of employer or the interviewer. These tips for a good resume are basic but it should do its job - to help you be an Overseas Filipino Worker.

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