Unsatisfied Using Xoom Money Transfer!

by Merli David

It was great sending money through Xoom money transfer during my first 2 transactions! I even recommended it to 2 of my friends to send money using xoom. It only took 2-3 minutes and money was ready for pick up in the Philippines.

After that... It was a pain using Xoom. Money is debited from my bank account the same date I send it online, but it takes 5-7 days for them to confirm that it is ready and available for pick up. It is not convenient especially when the people in the Philippines need the money badly.

I suggest you better use Western Union. It is more expensive but very reliable. Once you have the receipt, it is ready for pick up in the Philippines.

Merli David

Dom's reply: Xoom money transfer in 2-3 minutes is really fast! This is good for first time customers who need to send money to the Philippines in a hurry. For the 5-7 day delay, did you call Xoom customer service? Calling Xoom after 10-20 minutes without the confirmation would let Xoom know about the problem right away. Of course this is not always possible if you have many things on your hands.

I forwarded your email to Fausto Gortaire, Xoom's contact for affiliate marketing, and asked for his comment on this. I received the following reply from David Webel, Xoom's director for online marketing, since Fausto was out of office:

I’ll reach out to our customer service department and get you an answer.

Unfortunately I can't comment to you on the details of a specific customer's case, but I’m sure our customer service team can help your readers understand how our service works and that over 95% of our cash pickup transactions are available in minutes.

Speed of delivery is dependent upon lots of factors as you can imagine and a wait of 5-7 days is unusual.

Three days later Fausto sent the following:

95% of our transfers occur in minutes. There are many reasons why someone will experience a delay. We will look into this.

I’ll post their follow up replies once I receive them.

Thank you for sharing this, Merli. Please feel free to make comments.

I encourage others who have sent money to the Philippines through Xoom to also share their experiences.

Thanks again,

Dom Tuvera

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Xoom Customer Service
by: Anonymous

Yes, I called Xoom customer service. They said they could do nothing about it since it is the system that generates the availability of cash. It is debited from my account here in the US and it takes 3-5 days to clear the said amount in the Philippines. Worst, if you send the money on weekends because there is no banking day on Sunday, there will be an additional day of waiting.

I experienced it twice. The last money I sent was last week since it wasn't a rush so I used Xoom. It took 3 days before it was ready for pick up. But the amount was already deducted from my bank the same date I sent it.

I hope this will be given attention since it is really convenient for us to send online without driving out.

Merli David

Response to Complaints about Receiving Xoom Transactions
by: Xoom Customer Service

I'm Matthew, one of the managers here at Xoom customer service.

Regarding complaints about the speed of Xoom transactions. I am sorry to hear that you've experienced some delays in receiving a Xoom transaction. However, as was mentioned about 95% of all Xoom transactions are processed for payment within minutes. What you describe is the actual processing time for eCheck funded transactions.

eChecks, as they are called are not a Xoom product. Rather they are a part of the ACH system and much like their paper counterparts eChecks take a few days to clear before we ever receive the funds, usually 1-4 business days. In short, Xoom is not holding your funds during this time.

We realize that this is not highly convenient for our customers and thus we have created some special programs that allow us to virtually "speed up" your transaction. But, there are limitations to this, and some transactions must process normally (1-4 business days). If you've ever had a failed payment to Xoom, this can cause your subsequent transactions to process as described.

If you have any questions about this process or your transactions I will gladly answer them for you. Please send a message to customerservice@xoom.com using the subject PLEASE ESCALATE TO MATTHEW N and I'll surely help you.

Thank you,
Matthew N
Xoom Customer Service

Xoom offline
by: Loise

How come xoom was offline here in the Philippines. Cant withdraw in any remittance outlet here...

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