Overseas Filipino Workers:
The POEA Process For
Government-Hired OFWs

Government-hired Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are those hired by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) Government Placement Branch (GPB) unit. The GPB, not private recruitment agencies, recruits OFWs. As such, you do not pay placement fees, only processing and other fees.

You work in public entities or companies of the host country. For example, King Fahad Medical City under the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia hires Filipino nurses and other workers through the GPB. Other public hospitals and oil firms in the Middle East also get workers through this process.

Hiring of Filipino caregivers and nurses for nursing jobs in Japan under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) passes through the GPB. That also applies to workers under the Korea EPS (Employment Permit System).

Government-hired Overseas Filipino Workers:
Requirements and fees

  1. Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet
  2. Duly executed Employment Contract / Employment Offer
  3. Passport (original and photocopy)
  4. Medical Certificate (original and photocopy)
  5. Certificate of Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) (original and photocopy)
  6. NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance (original and photocopy)
For Visa Processing
  1. Duly accomplished visa application form
  2. Copy of visa authorization / visa availability
  3. Three (3) pieces passport size pictures (colored with white background)
  • US$50.00 (PHP equivalent) - POEA Processing Fee
  • US$25.00 (PHP equivalent) - OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) Membership Contribution (valid for two years)
  • PHP900.00 - PhilHealth-Medicare (for one year coverage)
  • Visa Fee - depending on the country of destination

The process for government-hired
Overseas Filipino Workers

Step 1. After receipt of notice [of employment], report for pre-documentation briefing to the:

Recruitment and Documentation Division (RDD)
Government Placement Branch (GPB), Ground Floor
Philippine Employment Administration (POEA)
Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 722 1175; 722 1144; 722 1155

Step 2. If employment offer is acceptable, sign the employment offer and undergo medical examination at accredited medical clinics.

Step 3. If medically fit, submit documentary requirement for processing. If medically unfit, employment offer is cancelled.

Step 4. Attend Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) at the 2nd floor.

Step 5. Submit visa requirements and accomplish visa application form. Pay visa fee.

Step 6. Upon release of visa, pay the following fees for the issuance of OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) which will also serve as your POEA travel exit clearance:

  • PhilHealth contribution - Balik-Manggagawa Service Area
  • OWWA membership contribution - OWWA Satellite Office, 2nd Floor
  • POEA processing fee - Cash Division, 5th floor
  • Airfare - Travel Center, Balik-Manggagawa Service Area

Step 7. Attend pre-flight briefing conducted by GPB Account Officer at the Government Placement Branch, Ground Floor, for additional information and flight details.

Step 8. Wait for the release of your travel documents (visa, passport, original employment contract and plane ticket).

The process cycle time is 3 working days from release of visa.
Requirements, fees and process came from the POEA Citizen's Charter.

You see, working abroad provides some options. The government-to-government hiring process for Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs may be the right one for you.

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